How Twitter Can Increase Your Online Business

By | Jan 19, 2011

Twitter is a service that is increasing its popularity in time. This is a form of microblogging where you are allowed of up to 140 characters to express yourself. This is a form of social media that allows people to follow somebody and read their tweets. Many do not understand the real concept and advantage of this service. If you are an ordinary person, this is a fun service to use that can be inspiring and informative. The people you follow can tweet insightful ideas that you can use. People who are on Twitter are not just ordinary people; you can find that most of them are the Who’s Who of the society. You can find celebrities, actors, directors, CEOs of big companies, and a lot more. It will be a matter of time that everyone will be on Twitter.

If you own an online business, you can take advantage of Twitter to promote your business and gain more clients. There are many ways that you can use Twitter to increase your online business. It is also important to remember that Twitter is used even by the CEOs of big companies to increase their awareness, increase their sales and maintain a good working relationship with their clients.

  • Customer Support – you may have a customer service number but would it be better if your customers can ask question directly to you, the owner. This creates a good bond between you and your customers. This makes them feel that they are taken care of and the owner is hands-on to his business and takes care of the needs of their clients.
  • Responding to question – your customers may have queries regarding your product or service and you may not directly see it on Twitter. This service has Twitter Search option that allows you to view the topics and updates on Twitter. You can search for your product or service on Twitter Search and check if there are people asking questions about them. The reply function of Twitter allows you to reply and answer the question. Your answer will also be received by your followers giving them information about your product. This can increase your direct sale and awareness of your online business.
  • Tweeting out promotions and contests – sending out information to your customers of certain promotions and contests can be easily done with Twitter. With 140 characters you can entice your customers to join your contest or promotion. This is a cost-effective way of advertising for your online business.
  • Offer Discounts – discounts and sales are great things that can encourage your customers to buy from you or avail your services. You can give special discounts to your followers on Twitter, only those who follow your Twitter account can get the discount. This builds your bond with your customer and they will feel special.
  • Be visible among the Who’s Who List – following the Who’s Who is a good option for your Twitter account, this way you can keep in touch with them. Exchanging Twitter conversations with the people and businesses that can help your company can lead to a good business deal. Press and media can also help you get the attention of the public.
  • Get customer feedback – improve your service and products with the help of Twitter. Get feedback from the customers by asking a poll survey. You can ask how they feel towards your new service or product. Even before your product is officially released to the market, you can your customers their input on your latest project. This way your customers will feel appreciated and their feedback is valued.

If you have not tried using Twitter yet, better do so. Starting an account is easy and just remember that even CEOs of big companies use Twitter to increase their sales, visibility and maintain a strong connection with their customers.

Using Social Networking Websites to Promote Your Blog

By | Jan 10, 2011

Do you know what the main purpose of a social networking website is?  If you are an avid internet user, you likely do. Social networking websites are online communities that make it easier for internet users to meet and communicate with each other.  If you are an internet user who enjoys using the internet to meet new people, there is a good chance that you already belong to a social networking website.  What about an online blog?  Do you have one of them?  If you do, do you know that you could use your social networking website to promote your blog?

Promote your blog?  Why would you want to do that?  Honestly, if you have to ask yourself that question you probably shouldn’t even have one.  The whole purpose of a blog is to document your thoughts, views, and opinions on a particular topic, issue, or subject.  What good will your blog do if no one reads it.  In addition to sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world, did you know that you could also make money from your blog?  You can signup for affiliate programs or other programs like Google Adsense.  If you are using your blog to make money then you will defiantly want to promote it.

When it comes to promoting blogs, there are many blog owners who decide to let the search engine do the work for them.  Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN use special techniques that reads the content on your website. That content is then used to rank your website with particular keywords.  This means that you run a blog on graduating from high school in New York, there is a good chance that your blog will appear in searches done on New York high schools. Although many blogs are successfully ranked in search engines, not all are. That is why you are advised against relying solely on search engines, when it comes to promoting your blog.

As previously mentioned, if you love meeting with or talking to people online, there is a good chance that you belong to a social networking website or community. The individuals that you talk to and that are in your community are likely the individuals that you wish to target. Since most social networking websites work to connect internet users who have the same goals and common interests, there is a good chance that your online friends will enjoy reading your blog.  But, before they can read your blog, you have to let them know that it exists.

When it comes to promoting your blog on social networking websites, you have a number of different options. Your first option is to include a link to your blog in your community profile or profile page. This will allow other community members to checkout your blog, only if they wish to do so.  The other way is to inform your online friends of your blog through private messages. Once you join a social networking website and create or join a network of friends, you should easily be able to communicate with those friends.  Sending each of your friends a private message with information and a link to your blog tends to be more effective than just placing a link in your profile or on your profile page.

Although there is a good chance that you are already a member of a popular social networking website, you may not be. If you are not already a member, but would like to become one, you will need to find a social networking website to join. This can easily be done with a standard internet search. In your search, you will likely find a number of popular network sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, FriendFinder, Yahoo! 360, and Orkut.  Before becoming a community member at one of these networking sites, you may want to first examine the website to ensure that it is everything that you want it to be.

As you can easily see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about promoting your blog on online social networking websites. You never known, but, in addition to promoting your blog, you may also make new friends along the way.

Free Facebook Social Ads Exposed Ebook

By | Jan 9, 2011

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5 Ways to Make a Viral Video on YouTube

By | Dec 21, 2010

Uploading your videos to YouTube and other video hosting websites does not guarantee that it will be viewed by thousands of people. There are things that you should do to make sure that your videos will be a success and you will be viewed thousands or even millions of times. This is called a viral video, this means that the video will be popular or famous through internet sharing like YouTube and even email. Viral videos can be used to generate traffic to your website and blogs. Viewers who are interested with your video will find ways to learn more about the video and know if there are any sequels to it. You can use this to your advantage by including a link to your website or blog.

There are key components of a viral video, and if you want to create your own viral video on YouTube, just continue reading. Creating a viral video on YouTube does not necessarily mean that you need a professional to shoot your video. You can do shoot your own video and you will need a video camera, microphone, video editing software and imagination.

  • Shoot a homemade video – a homemade dinner can taste better than the dinner from a fast food chain. This is also applicable with online videos, creating a homemade video can drive more traffic and views than paying for a professional to shoot your video. When you choose to shoot your own video, you need to draft a plan and storyline. This can make video shooting easier.
  • Keep it short – you do not need to shoot a whole hour of video to make it viral. The recommended length of your video is between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The short time frame makes it possible for the viewer to watch the whole video and not skip the last part.
  • Make it Full of Emotion – your video needs to convey an emotion and your viewers should feel this. Whether your video is funny or dramatic, when people felt these emotions they will most likely share it with others and even talk about it. Aside from emotions, you can also make your videos amazing or controversial.

  • Catchy Title and Thumbnail – when uploading a video on YouTube, you need to have a great title. Create a title that is catchy and interesting. The title of the videos on YouTube can be changed, you can use this to drive traffic and views to your video. You can start with an intriguing title and once you have a solid number of views you can replace it with a title that is appropriate for the content. Choose a thumbnail that can catch a person’s attention.

  • Tag your Videos – just like articles and blogs, you can also tag the videos on YouTube. This makes it easier for your video to appear on relevant searches. A tag can also be used to make your video appear on the related videos box on YouTube. You will need the right words to make your video a hit in the YouTube community and make them follow you on your blog or website.

The Benefits of Launching Your Music Career Through MySpace

By | Dec 21, 2010

Musicians all over the world have different ways to promote themselves and make it to the spotlight. Long ago, when technology was not as modern as it is right now, musicians and band promote themselves by performing in public and private events. They would perform for a school event or even a birthday of a friend this is to increase their public awareness and hopes that they will be discovered. They would also send copies of their songs to radio station and recording companies.

Technology has evolved and internet is now a key to promote one’s talent and skills. Social networking sites and video hosting sites paved way for new musicians and bands. These have helped them get a good start in entering the music industry. MySpace is just one of the many social networking sites that a musician or band can use to promote their music and connect to their fans.

MySpace has created a MySpace music page that is designed for musicians and band to promote their music and get in touch with their fans. There are many benefits that a musician or band can get when they launch their music career on MySpace.

  • MySpace has over 100 million users worldwide, musicians can use this to their advantage to promote and expose themselves to the public. Musicians and bands can now reach out to millions of people using their MySpace music page. This is just like increasing public awareness, but this is made simpler and easier.
  • MySpace music page is good avenue to promote your music album and gigs. This is a cost-effective way to get people to buy your album and concert tickets.
  • A viral success of your music can be achieved through MySpace music page. You can play your music through your profile page and even allow other users to post your music on their page. This is a good way to let other people hear your music and a good teaser to make them buy your album or attend to your concert.
  • MySpace music page is a music discovery tool since it suggests songs that are relevant to what the user is currently listening to. This makes it even easier to promote your songs and albums to the public.
  • Launching your music career through MySpace can indeed help you make it big in this industry through MySpace Records. This has helped over 8 million musicians and bands.
  • International recognition is also possible with MySpace music page as it has a chart that will list the popular songs according to the users. Famous songs from other countries can be viewed through this chart.

The benefits of launching your music career through MySpace are endless. You just need the right profile layout, provide the right information and be sure to maintain your profile. Update your profile constantly and if possible keep in touch with your fans. MySpace, like any other social networking sites is a great tool for marketing and advertising.

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5 Ways to Promote Your Blog on Facebook

By | Dec 18, 2010

Social networking sites are used to promote an online business, blog and websites. One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook. This has over 500 million active users making this a minefield for people who wish to promote their blog. Facebook offers a lot of ways to promote your blog with its vast amount of applications and activities. The ways in promoting your blog is endless and you do not have to spam information just to get the attention of the users.

Facebook allows you to connect to the people you know, reconnect with old pals and form new friendships and acquaintances. You should use this benefit to your advantage.

· Update your Profile – this is the simplest way to promote your blog using Facebook. Your profile will be your link to promote your blog to the other Facebook users. Include the URL of your blog in your websites. This way your friends will be aware that you have a blog and they can check on your site.

· Update your Status – including your blog’s URL is not enough to promote your blog on Facebook. You need to inform your friends that you really have a blog. You can use the status updates of Facebook to promote your blog. A simple status update indicating about writing a blog will do. Aside from informing your friends about your activities you can also post pictures, videos and links on the status bar. This will be included in the RSS feeds of your friends.

· Publish your Blog – yes, you can publish your blog on your Facebook profile. You will need an RSS feed aggregator applications to publish your blog feed into your profile. You can find several applications that can be modified according to your needs.

· Create your Own Facebook Page – you may have a limited number of friends and if you really want to increase traffic to your blog, it is high time for you to go on a step higher. Create a Facebook page for your blog. This is different from an individual profile since the fans of the page do not necessarily have to be your friends. You can include RSS applications to your page, upload photos and videos. The fans of your page can also join in discussions, polls, forum posting, and more.

· Advertise on Facebook – when you log in to your Facebook account, you can notice a lineup of ads about different products, games, and more on the right hand side. This is another application of Facebook that you can use to your advantage to promote your blog. You can advertise your blog here and invite more people to join your Facebook page and also your blog.

These are just some of the ways that you can do to promote your blog on Facebook. These steps will inform people about your blog but it will not create spam. The steps provided here will not succeed if you will not take time to maintain your profile and page. You also need to keep your friends and fans updated by posting information on your wall and interacting with them.

The Benefits of Using Skyrocket Friend Adder Elite

By | Jun 20, 2010

Are you interesting in adding more friends in Facebook, Hi-5, Multiply, Twitter, Friendster, and Flikr? Do you want to skyrocket your sales from these social networking sites? If you do, then the Skyrocket Friend Adder Elite is the right solution for you. Internet marketers cannot afford not to try this out. It is a quick, affordable, and effective way to automate your social media promotions. It is not surprising that a lot of website owners and marketers are taking advantage of it.

Be sure to reach out to as many people as you can by creating a presence in different social networking sites. The Skyrocket Friend Adder Elite comes packed with a variety of features including the:

  • Facebook Friend Adder
  • YouTube Friend Adder
  • Myspace Friend Adder
  • Tagged Friend Adder
  • Friendster Friend Adder
  • Twitter Friend Adder
  • Hi-5 Friend Adder
  • Flikr Friend Adder
  • Multiply Friend Adder
  • SkyRock Friend Adder
  • Combo Friend Adder

As you can see, the Skyrocket Friend Adder Elite is definitely a good way to increase your friends and fans and enhance your social relationships online. It helps your business become treated not only as a company per se, but as a trusted brand. Develop these kinds of relationship with your target market and pretty soon, you’ll be running a very successful company that traces the roots of its success to its dedicated network online.

Stop waiting and start acting. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to create a profile page for your business. It will give you access to millions of potential new customers that are located both within your locality and around the world. It is important to make your page stand out by itself as much as possible. After all, you are competing with many other businesses that want to get a big chunk of this market.

The challenge doesn’t stop there because a lot of distractions are also within easy access of users in social networking. In fact, it can even be said that you are actually competing with their friends for attention. Well, just try to get their focus long enough to create brand awareness. When they become your loyal customers, expect your business to take off. Another benefit of social networking sites is its ability to create buzz for product, services, and ideas. Viral marketing will boost your bottom line in a big way.

Grow Your Business with Skyrock Friend Adder Elite

By | Jun 20, 2010

Everyone who’s into internet marketing knows that being popular in social networking sites drastically improve their bottom line. So how can success be measured? There are actually a lot of metrics ranging from the number of your fans, friends, and page views. Beyond this though, there is an intangible asset you can benefit from: brand awareness. Once audiences become aware that you exist, it becomes possible to reap long term benefit from it.

When it comes to social networking, it is not only about connections, it is about the quality of your connections. It is a well-known fact that Twitter has become a huge success because a significant number of “influencers” or those that tweet regularly, has a big following, Majority of their followers are passive receivers of information. So the key is to be connected to those who disseminate information throughout the social web.

The same is true for other sites like Facebook, YouTube, Multiply, and Flickr. Each site has millions of registered users but a few of them stand out because of their activity. This presents a big opportunity for businesses that know how to utilize this opportunity. By becoming connected to a select group of influencers, you become connected to their friends, followers, and fans. The Skyrock Friend Adder Elite presents a solution.

So you might be wondering, how does the Skyrock Friend Adder Elite work? Well, it basically automates the process of adding friends to your social network. It is specifically designed for business owners who want to share their information to a targeted audience. Of course, an added benefit is your ability to develop a closer relationship with the customers due to constant information. Essentially, Skyrock Friend Adder Elite not only helps you promote your brand, it also gives you the chance to walk away with more friends and even a business partner.

While the routine of adding more friends and expanding your network has become automated with Skyrock Friend Adder Elite, you should not forget your role in the social networking sites as well. It is up to you to send regular updates, communicate with customers, and keep a good reputation on the social web. That means that the Skyrock Friend Adder Elite merely gives you the opportunity to become successful through online promotions. It is up to you to use it to its full potential to turn page views into actual sales and fans into customers.

How To Use Social Networking Websites To Promote Your Business

By | Apr 10, 2010

The goal of most business owners is to make money. This often results with the selling of a particular product or service.  However, to sell that product or service business owners need to alert the general public.  Customer cannot buy a product or a service if they do not know that it exists.  That is why, as a business owner, you need to advertise your business.

When it comes to advertising there are many business owners who literally cringe.  Are you doing this now?  There is a good chance that you are because many advertising methods cost money. As a business owner you want to make money not spend it, right?  Unfortunately, if you believe that all forms of advertising take money, you are sadly mistaken. Although you may have to spend money to make your business what you want it to be, there are ways to promote your business and the products or services that you sell without having to spend any money at all.

Is your curiosity peaked yet? There is a good chance that it is, rightfully so.  One of the ways that you can promote your online business, without having to spend a dime, is by using something that is readily available online. That thing is an online social networking website.  A large number of internet users, in fact millions of them, belong to at least one social networking website.

When it comes to social networking, there are many individuals who think of online friendships or online relationships. While these types of relationships are the most common, did you know that social networking is also used for businesses?  In fact, that was originally how social networking got started.  If you are a small business owner, especially one that operates an online business, there is a way that you can use social networking sites to your advantage.

Although social networking websites are traditionally focused on those that would like to make online friends or develop online relationships, there are networking sites that are designed for business owners.  These websites will not only allow you to share your business information with other business owners, but it will also allow you to develop close relationships with those that share an interest that is similar to yours. Essentially, this means that you could not only learn valuable business information, but you could also walk away with a new business partner or a new friend.

As previously mentioned, social networking websites with a focus on businesses, are a great way to promote your business. However, this does not mean that you should completely forget about the other online social networking websites, the ones that are designed to make online friendships. Although you may not learn any valuable business tips by joining Facebook or MySpace, you may be able to get new customers and new customers is exactly what your business should want and need.

If you are looking to join an online community, you will need to create your own profile or profile page.  If you are planning on joining a traditional social networking website, to gain access to millions of potential new customers, you are urged to be careful when making your online webpage or profile.  One thing that internet users hate is being solicited for business. This does not mean that you cannot use social networking to your advantage; it just means that you need to be careful with how you do it. Instead of creating a MySpace page or a Facebook Fan Page for your business, you are advised to make one for yourself, but, of course, you will want to include information on your business.

By joining a social networking website, especially one that is popular and has a large number of members, you should be able to generate interest in your business, including the products or services that you sell. Who knows, but that interest generated could turn into sales; thus making your social networking experience more than worth it. 

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